Rick Danko
Rick Danko
Ridin' on the Blinds

Original Release Date:  February 4, 1997

Track Listing
  • 1. Ridin' on the Blinds
  • 2. Twilight
  • 3. Dimming of the Day
  • 4. Ragtop
  • 5. Come Runnin' Like a Friend
  • 6. Women Cross the River
  • 7. Lie With Me
  • 8. All Creation
  • 9. Outside Track
  • 10. Every Man Is Own Hero
  • 11. Baby, I'm Lonesome
  • 12. Your Eyes (Why Don't You Love Me Tonight)
  • 13. Bottle of Wine
  • 14. Keep This Love Alive
  • Eric Andersen: Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Arranger, Organ (Hammond), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Performer, Liner Notes, Vocal Harmony
  • Rick Danko: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
  • Jonas Fjeld: Guitar (Acoustic), Flute, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Performer, Vocal Harmony
  • Bent Bredesen: Guitar (Electric)
  • Audun Erlien: Vocals (Background)
  • Garth Hudson: Accordion, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond)
  • Knut Reiersrud: Guitar, Harmonica, Saz, Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background), Slide Guitar, ?
  • Per Oystein Sorensen: Baritone (Vocal)
  • Bugge Wesseltoft: Organ (Hammond), Wurlitzer
  • Rune Arnesen: Percussion, Drums, Vocals (Background)
  • Jørun Bøgeberg: Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background), Bass (Acoustic)
  • Hans Fredrik Jakobsen: Bagpipes, Flute (Wood), Rhythm, Kantele, ?, Norwegian Selje Flute
  • Kristin Skaare: Piano, Accordion, Organ (Hammond), Piano (Electric), Vocals (Background), ?, Fender Rhodes
  • Ingar Helgesen: Vocals (Background), Engineer, Mixing
  • Halvard T. Bjorgum: Fiddle, Vocals (Background)
  • Tone Hulbaekmo: Harmonium, Harp, Medieval Harp
  • Ed Kaercher: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocal Harmony
  • Hilde Kjeldsen: Soprano (Vocal)
  • Ulf M. Lingstad: Bass (Vocal), Tenor (Vocal)
  • Liz Tove Vespestad: Vocals (Background)
  • Lillebjørn Nilsen: Dulcimer, Banjo, Jew's-Harp
  • Marian Lisland: Alto (Vocals)
  • Frode Larsen: Harmonica
  • Noel Webb: Composer
  • Kirsten Braten Berg: Vocals
  • Henry Lawson: Poetry
  • Marianne Berg: Vocals (Background)
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